Contact Requests: Commitment To Data Protection

Information on the correct handling of prospective customer data via FranchisePORTAL

Dear franchisors and managers,

to be on the safe side, we would like to point out your obligation to observe data protection. This applies to
any person or institution that collects, processes or uses personal data on its own behalf, or
has this done by others on behalf of the company. A breach of these duties may result in a personal liability. For reasons of data protection, enquiries from interested parties may only be sent to
certain conditions (e.g. access to consultants) to third parties. The use of these
data for purposes other than contract initiation with the requested system head office is

In connection with the forwarding of contact requests via the brand page
the contracting parties undertake to comply with data protection law. The franchisees
declare in the contact form for the brand page their consent to the processing of
data exclusively for the purpose of the establishment of contact by the client for the initiation
franchise contract with the franchise system advertised.

The client also agrees to FranchisePORTAL, the transfer of data to third parties
or the processing for any purpose other than the initiation of a franchise agreement between
the client and the interested party. Also the passing on to consultants is only permitted under
the requirements of section 4 GTC.

If the client culpably violates the obligation of data protection according to section 6 (2),
he has to pay for each infringement a fine to be determined by FranchisePORTAL according to its reasonable discretion to pay a contractual penalty, the amount of which may be reviewed by the competent court in the event of a dispute.
It is agreed that in the case of the first violation a penalty of 500.00 € is considered to be regarded as reasonable, whereby in individual cases the severity of the infringement alone is decisive (guideline). Regardless of the contractual penalty, FranchisePORTAL still has the right to
extraordinary termination of the advertising contract for good cause and/or omission to pay damages
(against which any contractual penalty is to be credited) and/or to demand information.